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About Katie

Katie Dean

Most major life events happen out of our control.  What we do with the hand we’ve been dealt, how we handle the pain and the beauty of our journey, who we evolve in to, and what we do with the wisdom that comes from this process is the part of life that is in our control.  The cumulative answer to all of these questions defines who we actually are – our character, and our legacy.

This is a blog based on the premise that the path to social revolution starts with individuals’ development towards self-awareness, resiliency, social consciousness and empathy for all.

I am an outspoken individual comprised of a lifetime of dichotomous extremes.  I’ve lived hard, made catastrophic mistakes, tied myself to regret and decided to make use of the crap that such a life entails.  I am far from perfect.  I am someone who is driven by the belief that problems, even massive-social systemic problems, all have solutions, and I believe it’s our duty to find solutions while we’re here on this earth.  The best in me exists from a passion and determination to help others.  For every low along my life’s journey, there are equal highs marked by exceptional wisdom, compassion, utility and a productivity towards greater purposes beyond myself.

This is the story of one woman’s life and collective wisdom, and a story on the impact one life can have on the world.