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Lessons From A Classroom

Musings from a former elementary school teacher…

If everyone had Ms. Dean as their 3rd grade teacher, I could straighten people right out, and fix the world!  

No, this statement is not intended as blatant arrogance.  Part of this statement is a reflection of my off-beat sense of humor.  It’s in part, my unapologetic directness.  Still some yet, is from the fact that I know I’m right.  But most comes from years of witnessing that 8 and 9 year old school children in Brooklyn, can possess a higher capacity to understand complex social issues and problem-solve, and are better able to separate fact from fiction, truth from opinions, and propaganda from wisdom, than a horrifying portion of our population starting with our highest leader down to our proletariat masses.

I believe all children are capable of such achievements when the right social environment is created, and the content of learning is relevant to real life.

We’re going to flip the script on the entire way we understand public education, it’s purpose, and how it must be done better.  Read on for more, friends.